[library-media] FW: SIRS E-mail Bulletin -- New Products & Features from SIRS

Paula Zsiray paula.zsiray@cache.k12.ut.us
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 11:59:51 -0600



SIRS has developed two new products:
What Citizens Need to Know About World Affairs - a new electronic book on
SIRS Interactive Citizenship
Discoverer WebFind - a database of age appropriate Internet resources for
researchers in grades 1-9.

SIRS Renaissance has added a new feature - Literary Corner

SIRS Discoverer has added a new feature called the Culture Facts Series.

SIRS NetSelect, the database of Internet resources for middle, high school
and college researchers, has changed its name to SKS WebSelect.

SIRS Interactive Citizenship electronic books are revolutionizing education
across the country. The release of SIRS latest addition to Interactive
Citizenship, the interactive electronic book, WHAT CITIZENS NEED TO KNOW
ABOUT WORLD AFFAIRS, is timely for people of all ages considering the
present world events. This continuously updated book provides a framework
for understanding enduring concepts in world history and geography from a
global perspective. As with the first book, WHAT CITIZENS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT
GOVERNMENT, this new book can easily supplement existing textbooks. Both
books are available via SIRS Knowledge Source or as a stand-alone product,
and dynamically link users to carefully selected Web sites, articles and
documents from SIRS databases from within chapter text, providing a panorama
of events from the past to the present. Discounts are available for SIRS
Researcher customers. Click on the following link for a free, no-obligation
preview:  http://www.sirs.com/cgi-bin/ic_cd   -- Once your account is
recognized, a link to BEGIN YOUR 30-DAY FREE-TRIAL will be presented.
Select this link and you'll be taken to SIRS Knowledge Source with
integrated access to the SIRS Interactive Citizenship portal. The Password
to the Educator's Guide is "gosirs".

Available soon, Discoverer WebFind is SIRS' newest product of Internet sites
for researchers in grades 1-9. SIRS' editors carefully evaluate and select
Internet resources based on age appropriateness, research value and
reliability. SIRS specifically excludes Internet content geared toward
selling a product or created for a specialized audience. Each Web site is
assigned to a topic from SIRS Discoverer based upon the site content and
mission. Each site is monitored for changes by SIRS' sophisticated software.
If a change to the site is noted, it is removed, pending review by our
staff. Discoverer WebFind will be able to be purchased at a discount with
SIRS Discoverer or as a stand-alone product.

SIRS Renaissance adds Literary Corner to the database. Comprised of Literary
Profiles, Literary Criticism, a Glossary of Critical Terms and The New
Lifetime Reading Plan, this new feature offers a convenient location to find
information on classic and contemporary writers. Literary Profiles presents
a guide to the curricular study of more than 180 prominent authors in major
literary periods and regions worldwide. Literary Criticism contains over 150
full-text critical and analytical articles regarding literary works, ranging
in perspective from classical to contemporary literature. A Glossary of
Critical Terms elucidates common literary genres and terms, including
Fiction, Movements and Poetry. The New Lifetime Reading Plan by Clifton
Fadiman and John S. Major, offers brief introductions to more than 130
literary classics and includes biographical information on the creators of
these works. Additionally, the Going Further section of the Plan includes
synopses of 100 other notable 20th-century novelists, playwrights and poets.

Discoverer has added a new feature under Culture - Culture Facts. Culture
Facts provides an alphabetical listing of countries accompanied by
enlargeable maps and interesting cultural facts about each, including -
daily life, arts, food, religion, holidays, fun facts about the country and
much more. Some fun facts include: China - At 1,500 miles, the Great Wall is
the longest structure ever built. It is so big that astronauts can see it
from space. Costa Rica - On national election days, eight of ten adults will
have purple thumbs. It's proof that they've cast their vote.
Cambodia - Cambodians think that white teeth are ugly and unlucky. They
darken their teeth by chewing betel nuts. Rich Cambodians may replace their
front teeth with rubies or gold.

The WebSelect database picks up where NetSelect left off, continuing with
carefully chosen, quality Web sites selected for their relevance,
credibility and reliability, covering vital issues and topics. WebSelect is
continually updated to include new resources and dynamically changing data.
SIRS unique software program monitors Web site content changes throughout
the day. When a content change is detected, the Web site is removed from the
product until personally reviewed by our staff. The site must be validated
to assure that it still complies with SIRS' uncompromising selection
criteria. Every Web site includes a summary, which provides concise
overviews of site content and authority.

SIRS reaffirms its philosophy that our databases should be responsible and
credible and not fall victim to technology that is non-selective. We are
Collection Builders, we collect and select - we are not Aggregators.
Collecting and selecting is a job for researchers trained to seek out the
best information available. Aggregating is a job for technicians, trained to
use computers to scan articles regardless of merit. Collection builders
emphasize quality; aggregators emphasize quantity. Collection builders want
the best; aggregators want the most. SIRS utilizes the best technology to
bring together the highest quality of carefully-selected content.

For previews of Interactive Citizenship - What Citizens Need to Know About
World Affairs, Discoverer WebFind or any other SIRS products visit
www.sirs.com. For more information on these new products or features, please
contact our Customer Service department at custserve@sirs.com or
1-800-232-7477. Watch your mail for SIRS newest catalog!