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Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
Fri, 02 Aug 2002 13:54:38 -0600

Educators, Administrators, and others,

As of today, we no longer have direct access to the SL Tribune Archives. =
Several reasons contributed to the result of our cancellation of the =
Tribune Archives, including:

- Reliability of service (e.g., the Tribune Archives has been down about =
three times this past school-year for days at a time).
- Accuracy in accounting for connections in use (note: our license =
agreement included 25 concurrent connections). We increased our connections=
 from 15 to 25 based on what may have been erroneous data given by the SL =
- 50% price increase. Utah's revenue shortfall this past fiscal year has =
had a significant impact on the budgets for higher education, public =
education, and the state library division.

We hope to be able to resolve these issues and reinstate the Tribune =
Archives; meanwhile, you can access a portion of the SL Tribune Archives =
through a product called ProQuest from your local public library and =
colleges and universities. In addition, we still have access to the =
Deseret News Archives. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to =
contact me.

- Rick

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"Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully." (Hope Health Letter, =
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