[library-media] UELMA information request

Paula Zsiray paula.zsiray@cache.k12.ut.us
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:44:51 -0600

The UELMA Board is trying to reconstruct some of the association's
We are working on a complete listing of all the people who have been
presidents of the association.
I have included the list as we have it now...notice there are several
blank years.
If you can help 'fill-in-the-blanks' we would appreciate it.

Paula Zsiray
Utah Educational Library Media Association
Past President & 2003 Conference Chair

Year*	President
1972	Steering Committee under the direction of Jerald Hawley
1973	Dr. Don Smellie
1974	Orr Hill
1975	James Duane
1976	Duane Hedin
1979	Ken Neal
1980	G. Gardner Snow
1981	Phyllis Shaw
1982	Dr. Brenda (Branyan) Broadbent
1983	Sheila (Hoffman) Stephens
1984	Marilyn Taylor
1985	Dr. R. Kent Wood
1986	Dr. Stephen W. Zsiray, Jr.
1987	Karen Berner
1988	JaDene Denniston
1990	Dave Walton
1991	Dave Walton
1992	Dr. Ilona Pierce  (not positive on this one)
1996	Dick Siddoway
1997	Gary Temple
1998	Kathie Olsen
1999	Julie Bentley
2000	Anne (Olsen) Thackery
2001	Dennis Morgan
2002	Paula Zsiray
2003	Diane Stokoe
2004	Burke Belknap

*Year they presided over the Conference