[library-media] Weeding valuable / out of print books

KENDALL CRITTENDEN kendall.crittenden@m.wasatch.k12.ut.us
Fri, 17 May 2002 15:43:28 -0600

We have a question for you seasoned media specialists out there.
One of our elementary libraries has an older book in it's collection
that probably fits the weeding criteria in a couple of areas. It hasn't
been checked out or used for some time.
A parent of a student has a sentimental reason for wanting to have the
book and has offered to purchase it for $15.00. The media specialist, in
checking on replacement possibilities, found that the book is out of
print and copies are selling for a $100.00 or more.
There is nothing in the weeding policy of the school to say whether the
book should be sold for the $15.00 offered by the parent (original
purchase price marked on the book is $2.50), or whether it should be
considered more valuable and sold for it's actual worth as an out of
print item.
What would you do, or have done in this type of situation?

"On the fritz" is a useful expression only if you're talking about a
home appliance.
 You wouldn't say, "The Space Shuttle is on the fritz."
 You'd never hear it in a hospital. "Doctor, the heart-lung machine is
on the fritz." 

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