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<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>Just in time for the movie - the following quote is by R.A. Salvatore, 
the sci fi / fantasy author George Lucas chose to write the Star 
Wars book which is based on the new Attack of the Clones movie. 
Maybe you can use it in a back-to-school display.

<bold>Why Do the Good Guys Always Win?</bold>

"It's not a cliche that good overcomes evil; it's a philosophy.  In my 
books, good will almost always overcome evil (but not without great 
cost sometimes), because I believe that good is stronger than evil.  
We have developed a distorted view of what makes a hero.  Too 
often in the movies, or in other entertainment media, the hero is 
determined by who carries the biggest gun, or by who is borderline 
crazy enough to walk into seemingly impossible situations.  
Whatever happened to virtue and truth, and a belief in something 
larger and greater than ourselves? . . . And these elements by 
simple definition, are usually lacking on the side of evil . . .  Good 
wins.  Because that's the way it's supposed to be."

>From the book <italic>Faces of Fantasy.</italic>

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