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Thu, 21 Mar 2002 10:01:45 -0700

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For those who may not be current on the Legislative decisions, 
here's a summary.  Also, don't forget March 25 Caucus meetings 
at 7:00 in respective hometowns, these allow you to have a direct 
voice in elections.  Because so many teachers attended last year 
it helped to put pro-education candidates on the ballot while 
keeping others out.

Good   news=97tutituion tax credits did not pass. Senate bill 157-
   "due process, negotiate your own contracts, termination of   
contracts individually"=97did not pass. The bad news is the   the 
budget has been cut. The WPU will only have a .75   increase. 
(This is lower overall- and some programs will   be gone).    
Association leave bill, was modified enough   that it wasn=92t bad, 
it also passed. (leave must be justified--   CEA can visit 
legilature, teachers can attend conferences)   Charter school is 
hurting our budget. It is taking 5-6   FTE=92s in Cache Valley. 
(188 students is their estimated student   enrollment) *** 
questions asked=97If the student went to   the Charter School 
and then they weren=92t happy, and then   they came back, what 
happens to the money per head?   UPASS- they have block 
granted 1 =BD days, and Career   Ladder. 

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