[library-media] Legislative Information

Paula Zsiray pzsiray@mail.mtwest.net
Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:32:18 -0600

Please consider contacting your area legislator about the current Education 
funding situation.

You can find your legislator at http://www.le.state.ut.us/Documents/find.htm

Also, consider contacting those on the House and Senate Education Committees:

House Education Committee Membership
Rep. Margaret Dayton, Chair
Rep. Loraine T. Pace, Vice Chair
Rep. Jeff Alexander
Rep. Duane E. Bourdeaux
Rep. Judy Ann Buffmire
Rep. James A. Ferrin
Rep. James R. Gowans 	
Rep. David L. Hogue
Rep. Bradley T. Johnson
Rep. Merlynn T. Newbold
Rep. LaWanna Lou Shurtliff
Rep. Matt Throckmorton
Rep. A. Lamont Tyler
Committee Analyst: Constance C. Steffen

Senate Education Committee Membership
Sen. Bill Wright, Chair
Sen. Ron Allen
Sen. D. Chris Buttars
Sen. David L. Gladwell
Sen. Karen Hale
Sen. David H. Steele 	
Sen. Howard A. Stephenson
Sen. Alicia L. Suazo
Sen. Michael G. Waddoups
Sen. Carlene M. Walker
Committee Analyst: Constance C. Steffen

You should contact these people both as an educator an a concerned 


Paula Zsiray
President UELMA