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Loutensock, Georgia GLoutens@usoe.k12.ut.us
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:00:38 -0700

Especially for Elementary level---but can be enjoyed by all.

I have just been introduced to a charming new picture book, Celebrate the
fire within by a local author Kathy Larson.  The book was written for the
Olympics, but its message will go far beyond current events.  The book is
available at some local bookstores or North Star Publications at
801-221-0055.  (8.5x11, 32 pages, Hardcover $15.95, ISBN 1-930458-01-0)  The
author, Kathy Larsen, lives in Castledale and is available and eager to
visit schools to talk about her books and/or the writing process.  You can
contact her at 435-381-2585 or 435-749-0380 and email at taxman@etv.net

>From the press release---

"There is a champion inside you!
"There really is!
"CELEBRATE THE FIRE WITHIN by Kathy Larsen is a delightful and inspirational
work that, with heart warming illustrations and motivating text, celebrates
the spirit in each of us to dream and to achieve.
"This collectible book, originally written for this years Utah Winter
Olympics, will be read and enjoyed long after the Olympics have moved to
other nations.
"This is a book that will make both you and your children smile, and that
will help you both to glimpse your own spark within.
"So come and celebrate the fire within.  Feel it, and share it, and let it
A very Happy Holidays to all.  gml

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