[library-media] Fwd: PEN Weekly NewsBlast for December 14, 2001

Paula Zsiray pzsiray@mail.mtwest.net
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 08:04:07 -0600

>Deemed offensive by parents, a memoir by Maya Angelou was threatened with
>censorship. But reason prevailed--for the time being. We have people among
>us--some of them members of school boards--who fear books and distrust
>education, and once they get fired up, there is just no telling how far
>the flames will spread. Curriculum experts have proposed a number of
>measures to prevent battles over censorship from breaking out. They say
>parents should be invited to contribute to the development of school
>reading programs. They say teachers should maintain files of professional
>reviews that support reading selections. They say schools should supply
>recommended, rather than required, reading lists. These are all good ideas
>and worth trying. But having recently lived through a censorship scare,
>the author of this article is less confident than ever about the efficacy
>of either rules or reason.
>Effective literature instruction develops students' reading, writing, and
>thinking abilities.  A new "research-to-practice" booklet from the
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