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Tue, 6 Nov 2001 15:04:48 -0700

I have had several requests regarding the average price of books.  Thanks to
Joan here is a guideline.  gml

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From: Joan Gough [mailto:goughj@gchs.grand.k12.ut.us]
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Subject: price of books

Remember I asked you about the price of books, especially
the difference in elementary and high school.  I found the
information.  I think it is important that we don't
underestimate the cost of books.  I know my budget for books
and a-v materials combined is higher that the 5% replace at
$12.00 and I don't want my budget cut because the principal
sees a figure calculated at $12.00.  Here is what School
Library Journal, March issue 2001
    all titles                17.57
    preschool            15.55
    grade 5+ (fic)       15.91
    grade 5+(nonf)      21.26
    trade paper            8.41

Hardcover adult
    fiction                    22.53
    non-fiction             51.75
Paperback adult
    fiction                    13.88
    non-fiction              24.67

I have just ordered some reference books and they are even
more expensive that the $51.75 amount.

I hope this is useful.

Thank you for the workshop on accreditation Friday.  It was
helpful.  I think we are up next year since we got an
extension.  I hope to see you on your way to San Juan
County.  I appreciate all of the traveling you do for the
libraries and especially your contributions to the
accreditation standards.

Joan Gough