[library-media] School - Community Libraries

FMORGAN Fmorgan@admin.lhs.davis.k12.ut.us
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:38:00 -0600

Dear School Librarians

I have another request for information regarding joint-based libraries 
but first a long-ago promised report:

Last year I queried our group asking for information about 
accreditation information, promising to send a summary.  I asked 
how many adult librarians your school had and how much money 
was allocated on an on-going basis.  Your answers were all over 
the board.  Reported funding ranged from around $2 to $10 per 
student.  Staffing reports varied wildly also from 1/2 to 2 full time 
adults.  I appreciate Georgia's efforts to receive this data from the 
additional questions required on the yearly accreditation report.  
Hopefully, a clearer picture will presented to the public. I'll be at the 
Accreditation library media workshop November 2 and look forward 
to seeing you there.

Now to the request.  Help!!! We, in Davis District, need your imput 
ASAP. Davis School District is seriously considering combining 
library facilities for a high school of 2,300 students and a city of 
21,000 citizens.  The two entities would share funding of a new 
building while maintaining separate collections.  The two libraries 
would be housed on separate floors.

Do any of you know of localities where this shared arrangement 
has been tried?  What were the results? Our secondary 
organization must make a presentation Wednesday, October 24th.

Thanks for all you do in behalf of kids.


Fawn Morgan
Library Media Teacher     fmorgan@admin.lhs.davis.k12.ut.us
Layton High School        phone 801-402-4800 
440 Wasatch Drive         fax  801-402-8801
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