[library-media] Fwd: NASA Images for School Libraries

Paula Zsiray pzsiray@mail.mtwest.net
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 21:35:43 -0500

>Fit the giant planet Jupiter and its moons into your library. Explore the 
>peaks and valleys of the ocean's floor without getting all wet.  Travel to 
>distance galaxies and back in one afternoon. Experience the excitement of 
>a gravity-free environment by watching an astronaut eat floating M&Ms.
>Nearly 100 images -- from Buzz Aldrin taking a walk on the moon to 
>colliding galaxies to the volcano of Mt. Etna, Italy -- are available 
>through NASA's educational Web site The Space Place ( 
>http://spaceplace.nasa.gov ) for library use.  The pictures featured help 
>bring a number of topics alive, including the Solar System, weather, 
>geology and geography.
>Librarians  can access these images through the "Goodies for Teachers" 
>section by simply clicking on the schoolhouse icon on The Space Place home 
>page.  There, they can choose Earth- and space-related printable pictures 
>in the following categories: Solar System; Earth (Geography and Mapping, 
>Oceans, Volcanoes, Weather);  Astronauts; Stars, Galaxies and Nebulae; and 
>Rockets, Space Shuttles, International Space Station, Rovers.
>Within each category are several images from which to choose.  Librarians 
>can click on the small image to view it in a larger format. To print a 
>clean copy (without browser information on the page), save the .jpg file 
>(File/Save As) to the hard drive or a disk, and open and print it using 
>any paint program (Photoshop, Windows Paint, PowerPoint, Macpaint, 
>etc.)  The image file can also be placed into a word processor, such as 
>Microsoft Word, document for printing.
>The Space Place includes images and curriculum for use in the library, as 
>well as discovery-based learning activities for students to do on their 
>own.  For more information about The Space Place, contact Nancy Leon at 
>nancy.j.leon@jpl.nasa.gov .
>Nancy Leon
>Education and Public Outreach Lead
>NASA New Millennium Program
>NASA/JPL 4800 Oak Grove Drive
>Mailstop 301-235
>Pasadena, CA 91109
>(818) 354-1067