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I've been out of the loop a bit, but why are there two pioneer pages?  Which 
one are we supposed to point teachers too. They pages do not look like they 
link to the same links.  The link I have been using is http://pioneer.uen.org 
and you have us pointed to http://pioneer-library.org/

Any advice?


>===== Original Message From "Rick Cline" <RCLINE@media.utah.edu> =====
>First, this is a reminder that all educators and students statewide have 
access to the K-12 Pioneer products (http://pioneer-library.org/) at their 
schools. Second, educators and students have access to most of these products 
from home. Attached is a document listing student username and
>passwords for home access. However, all UEN registered educators should 
automatically have home access to the K-12 Pioneer products.
>As an FYI, Educators can access a webpage called "Student Passwords for Home 
Access" by logging onto My.Uen (http://my.uen.org/myuen/) and clicking on the 
"Pioneer Home Access" link located under the header "UEN Applications / 
>If you have any problems accessing Pioneer products from school or home, 
please feel free to call UEN's help line 1-800-866-5852 or e-mail 
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