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Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
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I had a question regarding student home access to World Book. At this time =
our World Book license agreement does not allow student home access. =
However, you should note that one of EBSCO's 15 databases is the Funk & =
Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia, which is accessible to students at home =
or the local public library.

FYI - Here is a list of EBSCO's 15 databases:

1. Academic Search Elite provides full text for over 1,250 journals =
covering the social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural =
studies, and education.

2. Clinical Reference Systems provides over 7,000 reports, in every-day =
language, describing symptoms, treatments, risks and after-effects of a =
vast array of medical topics and conditions.

3. Health Source Plus provides full text for nearly 270 health periodicals,=
 over 1,000 health pamphlets, and 23 health reference books.

4. USP DI Volume II, Advice for the Patient provides patient-oriented drug =
information in lay language.

5. EBSCO Animals provides in-depth information on a variety of topics =
relating to animals. The database consists of indexing, abstracts, and =
full text records describing the nature and habitat of familiar animals.

6. Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia provides over 25,000 encyclopedic=
 entries. Searchable by subject or keywords within the entry.

7. Middle Search Plus provides full text for over 100 magazines covering =
general topics appropriate for middle and jr. high school students. Click =
here for a complete title list. Click here for more info

8. Newspaper Source provides selected full text articles from 143 U.S. and =
international newspapers.

9. Primary Search provides full text from nearly 70 children's magazines =
appropriate for elementary schools and children's reading rooms.

10. MAS FullTEXT Ultra provides full text for 570 general interest and =
current events magazines.

11. Professional Development Collection provides a highly specialized =
collection of nearly 250 full text journals, designed for professional =

12. Comprehensive MEDLINE with FullTEXT with MeSH provides access to the =
entire Comprehensive MEDLINE file covering 1966 to present. This database =
also includes full text for nearly 80 biomedical journals dating as far =
back as 1990. Click here for a complete title list.

13. ERIC provides citation and abstract information from over 750 =
educational journals and related documents from the Educational Resource =
Information Center and educational symposium report literature dating back =
to 1967.

14. MasterFILE Premier provides full text for 1,830 periodicals covering =
nearly all subjects including general reference, business, and health.

15. Business Source Premier provides full text for nearly 1,400 scholarly =
business journals covering management, economics, finance, accounting, and =
international business.

One last item - if you have troubles printing this e-mail because the text =
does not wrap-around, one solution is to reply to the e-mail as though you =
are going to reply to my message. This will wrap the text so you can print =
it out.=20

- Rick

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