[Health Science] Health Science New Teacher training

Sanchez, Iris Iris.Sanchez at schools.utah.gov
Tue Jul 16 12:39:06 MDT 2019

For those of you who need to attend the Health Science New Teacher training, it is just around the corner!  Sign up if you have not already done so. July 30th from 8 am to 4 pm

at USBE Basement West room.  The registration deadline is July 23rd.  Use the following link:


Upon arriving at USBE:

Please take a parking ticket as you enter the USBE parking lot. You can have the ticket validated at the front desk. Parking is free. Lunch for this training is not provided. You can bring your lunch or there are options close by.

Ideas for food;

Krua Thia  212 E 500 S

Cannella  500 S 204 E

Taco Taco 500 S 208 E

Salt Bistro Located in the Leonardo Museum

Charlie Chows Dragon Grill 400 S 255 E

7-11 400 S 309 E

Dunkin Donuts 400 S 217 E

Banbury Cross Donuts  705 700 E

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