[Health Science] CNA Reporting: Great News

Bolin, Rachel Decker Rachel.Bolin at schools.utah.gov
Thu Apr 26 12:23:28 MDT 2018

FYI: UNAR just sent this to us today. They have developed a report to make it easier for schools/districts to report their CNA results. Below is what they had to say:

"I have exciting news that I wanted to pass along to you. Our software team was able to reformat the Pass/Fail report so that we now have a long version (the version that was being submitted to you) and a short version (more like the version you were used to from our older system). They have modified the report to include a Certification column so you will know without a doubt whether or not a student received certification. If a student does not have anything in this column, they did not pass one or both of their tests needed to receive state certification. Attached is a sample report that I printed for one of our high schools from last semester so that you can see what the report now looks like. Hopefully this will meet your needs and help cut down on the paperwork the instructors submit to you. This report is now up and running in our system so it will be available to all instructors for this current semester."

Hopefully this makes reporting industry exam results easier for the CNA students.

Thank you for all you do!


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