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Bolin, Rachel Decker Rachel.Bolin at schools.utah.gov
Wed Sep 16 09:40:52 MDT 2015

I am sure most of you have heard or seen something about Miss Colorado's monologue from the Miss America Pageant this past weekend. I had only seen what was on social media or the headlines that popped up on the homepage of MSN. I decided that I wanted to hear what Miss Colorado had to say about being a nurse. I thought it was a wonderful monologue that was so very real, more meaningful than most other talents shared with the judges. I have attached a link to the video of her monologue from the competition.
Many of you are practicing nurses and not one of you have ever been #justanurse. Our students that are going into nursing will never be #justanurse. Thank you for the care, support, and sacrifice each of you make to help the Health Science students of Utah realize their potential and make goals that stretch them.
Each and every one of you are amazing and an asset to the education system of Utah. Thank you for all you do.


Rachel Decker Bolin
CTE-Health Science Specialist
Utah State Office of Education
Rachel.bolin at schools.utah.gov

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