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This is from Mary Shumway, State CTAE Director, and is to give you an idea as per the discussion that is taking place.

From: Shumway, Mary
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Subject: Update on Ideas About Graduation Requirements

CTE Directors, Teachers and Counselors:

The purpose of this email is to clarify questions about various ideas and proposals to change graduation requirements.  No decisions have been made about these proposals.  Current graduation requirements are in effect.

Over this past year, three separate taskforces met and discussed separate topics related to graduation requirements.  Each taskforce has developed recommendations. These three recommendations will now be taken to a joint committee for additional work, discussion and input from the field.  The State Board will then review.  Below are PROPOSED recommendations from these taskforces.

Taskforce:  Computer Technology
This taskforce recommends-

*         keyboarding in the elementary schools

*         implementing an 8th grade required course, similar to the current computer tech high school requirement

*         maintaining a .5  technology requirement in the high school

(This proposal will require additional resources in the elementary schools and in the 8th grade.   There have been concerns expressed that this 8th grade requirement would reduce other elective opportunities for 8th graders.  These recommendations could impact FTE of business teachers in the middle/junior high level and high school.  Input is being taken and considered.)

Taskforce: General Financial Literacy
This taskforce recommends-

*         maintaining the General Financial Literacy .5 credit course as a requirement for graduation

*         providing additional curriculum resources and professional development

*         developing and on-line end of level assessment

*         narrowing the endorsement options  of who can teach this course

Taskforce:  Graduation Requirements and Grading
This taskforce looked at allowing more flexibility so that a high school students could focus in an area of interest.  There would be specific requirements in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  But students could choose from two different "routes".  One would be more of the traditional route and the other would provide flexibility.  The route with more flexibility would be driven by the student's CCR plan/SEOP.  The flexible route would not require specific credits in PE/Health, Art, or CTE.  This proposal is difficult to summarize, so please take time to study this proposal.

You will find the reports of the three taskforces at the following link. http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/directors/January2014/Joint2_Longhurst_GraduationRequirements.pdf

When a decision is made the Utah State Board will ensure there is enough time to implement these changes.  Typically if there are changes to graduation requirements the changes would take effect for those who are in either 7th or 8th grader the year the Board votes on the changes.  The Board realizes the timeline for registration and CCR plans/SEOPs for students.  They also realize the impact on FTE and budgets for school districts.  All of this will be considered in the timeline if any changes are made to the current requirements.


Mary M. Shumway, Director
Career, Technical, and Adult Education
Utah State Office of Education
250 E 500 S  PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200

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