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This comes from an article found in the Utah Business Daily, and I found the information interesting and something we need to understand as we teach our students. Soft skills are taught by all of us, whether we specifically talk about soft skills or just by our example.

"We really focus on soft skills, like how to deal with difficult people and different personality types," he said. "Physicians are oftentimes the last to pick up on a difficult personality issue, because of their very clinical, straightforward personality make ups. Soft skills are what we focus on because physicians have several other options when it comes to best practices and knowing which pill is best to give to which patient. There is a much bigger focus on soft skills because the truth is people don't sue people they like."
In fact, Mark Dayton, vice president of marketing at MGIS, said doctors are 40 percent more likely to be sued if a patient doesn't feel like the office staff has been kind and helpful.
- See more at: http://dev.utahbusiness.com/articles/view/mgis_returns_to_its_roots_now_serves_utah_doctors#sthash.sRksnsrJ.dpuf

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