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Hello there my strong and mighty Educator Family!

I hope that you were able to rest, rejuvenate, and have plenty of laughs with family and friends over the holidays.  I know as you were still in your PJ's at 8:30 am on the 5th day of your break, you smiled knowing that your students were bored already and missing you.  Ha!!

As some of you came back this week and the rest of us next week, we will have meetings concerning student/school safety.  As we watched the loss in Connecticut of 20 sweet little souls and 6 precious members of our teaching family, I know our hearts were heavy and we limped into the holiday break with sadness and an appreciation of our own family members. (I know I gave my God-grandsons some extra hugs!!)

Our education family is a tenacious group and we will work even harder to make our students feel safe, comfortable, and successful. Copy & place this link into a new window and hit the play button: Really listen to the words.  You know that there of some of these characters that dance like someone you know!
I think Diego stole from me.  :)

http://freemp3x.com/play.php?yti=4YwbVeZGyH4 .

We truly are 'not your ordinary fam..mily'  :D  WE are quite talented and make a huge difference in the world, even though we come is some fun shapes and personalities!  Ha!!

I have a lot of new modules for you in the coming year!  Next one will be out at the end of January! The web site has also been updated & has a new look so that you can view the Star's Notes (teaching modules), Hands-On Body Systems (learning activities with clay), Teaching Tips (classroom management help), and the updated Student Study Skills much easier!

AND....(I'm so excited about this!)...Starla's Creative Teaching Tips now has a Facebook page!!  Go and visit:

http://www.facebook.com/StarlasCreativeTeachingTips?ref=hl  or hit the link on my web site

Hit 'Like' and feel free to share success anytime!  You can even share pictures of your students' or class work with the Hands-On Body Systems, Case Studies, etc.  I know many of you have sent me pics and stories over the years and many times I wanted to share these...now we can all enjoy!

As always, stand strong, be creative, and continue to do the outstanding job that you do with our young people (for some of you...adult learners who are starting a new journey in their life).

Blessings to you, your family, faculty friends, and your students this 2013!  May abundance, success, and (of course!) laughter be yours!!

Starla  :)

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