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Our marketing department created some GREAT new Pathway Posters. Please feel free to print and hang in your classrooms. The more we talk about pathways with our students the better prepared they will be for College and Career Readiness!

The NEW Areas of Study CTE Pathways Posters have now been posted online at http://schools.utah.gov/cte/publications.html. Below is the list of the posters.

CTE Pathways Posters - Areas of Study

  *   Agriculture Posters- PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_Ag.pdf>
  *   Business Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_Business.pdf>
  *   Family and Consumer Sciences Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_FACS.pdf>
  *   Health Science Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_HS.pdf>
  *   Information Technology Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_IT.pdf>
  *   Marketing Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_Marketing.pdf>
  *   Skilled and Technical Sciences Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_STS.pdf>
  *   Technology and Engineering Posters - PDF<http://schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/publications/AOSPosters_TechEng.pdf>

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