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In my last email I stated that the VHI date was Monday, March 7th, 2013. The correct date for VHI is Thursday, March 7th, 2013. Sorry for any confusion. Below is a corrected letter.

November 2, 2012

CTE Directors and Health Science Education Teachers:

Attached is an application for the Virtual Healthcare Interactive Project. This project is a partnership between the Utah State Office of Education and Intermountain Health Care. This is a unique program where students can view an actual taped surgery telecast live to their classrooms and speak to the surgeon using real-time technology.  Students will receive exposure to a variety of healthcare careers related to the surgery as well as pre- and post-event curricula and activities designed to provide them with the background information they need to understand the surgical procedure: artificial knee. With increased confidentiality concerns, work-based learning experiences have decreased in the health care area over the last few years. Engaging students through technology allows hospitals to bring more students into their environment with limited liability exposure and minimal interruption to the hospital.

How it works: The target audience is high school students interested in healthcare careers. The live event is scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2013 from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.  In January/ February 2013, a site team from IHC will visit each participating high school to help introduce students to the event and assist the teachers in providing background information for the surgery. On the day of the surgical event, the participating high schools will be linked to the Utah State Office of Education via EdNet. Students will participate in a 2-hour event where they view the taped surgery and can communicate with the surgeon directly. Participating students are expected to be present for the entire event.

Applications from interested high school sites are due back to the USOE by Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Applications will be reviewed by a committee from USOE and IHC. Notification will be made by Friday, November 30, 2012. Each site may have a maximum of 50 participants (or up to the size your Ednet facility will allow).  Smaller schools are encouraged (but not required) to partner with other schools in their areas in order to maximize the number of participants. Sites will receive pre- and post-event curricula and activities that will be required for all participating students regardless of the Health Science course they may be enrolled in. Students will also be required to turn in a fully signed compliance packet from IHC prior to the event. Business attire will be required of the students during the event and site visit. Appropriate student behavior and discipline must be monitored by the HS teacher and/or administrators during the event and site visit as well. Post-event evaluations from the students and teachers will also be required.
Included with this letter is the VHI application. Please follow the application requirements exactly, but feel free to alter the form as needed if a group of schools are applying together. Also included with this information are a student application and an application rubric. HS teachers may choose whether or not they use this tool. Its purpose is to assist teachers with more than 50 interested students in deciding which students will be able to participate. Ultimately it is up to the teacher/school to decide how the participating students are selected.

We are excited about this opportunity and feel that each and every participating student will have a valuable and exciting experience. Please feel free to make contact with any person listed below if you have questions. Remember that all applications must be received by the USOE no later than Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Tara Bell
Health Science Education Specialist, USOE
(801) 538-7843
tara.bell at schools.utah.gov

Sherry Marchant
Work-Based Learning Specialist, USOE
(801) 538-7594
sherry.marchant at schools.utah.gov

Kara Kamerath
Student Programs Administrator, IHC
(801) 442-3144
kara.kamerath at imail.org

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