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Curtin, Andrea M. Andrea.Curtin at schools.utah.gov
Tue May 8 10:04:31 MDT 2012


I am happy to welcome you to the Health Science Education listserv.  You have been identified as a past or present health science education instructor or person interested in health science. Posting to this listserv is restricted to subscribed listserv members only in order to prevent it for being used for spam messages.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  If you are not the correct person to participate on this listserv, please let me know.

This listserv is a voluntary, neutral service for Health Science Educators.  We will maintain this listserv as a service at the Utah State Office of Education. The purpose of this listserv is to provide a communication tool to allow us to share information, ask questions, solve problems, etc.

You may post a message to the list members at any time by putting healthscience at lists.uen.org<mailto:healthscience at lists.uen.org> in the To field of your email.  When replying to an email sent out via the listserv, if you click Reply, your answer will go back only to the person sending the original email.  If you click on Reply to All, your email will come to all of us.  Either way is appropriate, depending on what you want to share.

Hopefully we will all find this listserv to be a valuable communication tool.  Please feel free to use it to request information or to share information.  I look forward to working with you.

Tara Bell
Health Science Education Specialist

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