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Good morning,

Kara Kamerath from IHC asked me to send you the following information in regards to 2-step TB tests.

Having a 2-step TB skin test was a concern raised in our workshops yesterday.  As mentioned, we do have an educational handout we provide, but I thought it might be helpful if I sent some brief notes specific to their questions.  Would you mind forwarding this on to your WBL and Health Science teachers please?

Why we do two TB skin tests:

*         The first test will stimulate a case of latent TB in some patients who don't show positive on the first test, but will on the second test.  The second test is the test result we are most interested in.  That way we capture more people who would otherwise test negative with one Tb test, but actually have latent TB.

*         If the first is negative and the second test is positive, it is because the first test 'boosted' the second response.  It won't boost a response in negative people. If both tests are negative, we know the person does not have latent or active TB.
     Positive test results

*         If the first test has any redness, swelling or other unusual symptom after it has been placed, the student should contact or return to the location where it was placed so it can be evaluated right away.

*         If the first test is positive, it is not necessary to run a second test.

Testing process:

*         Once the first test is placed, it should be read by a qualified trained reader within 42-78 hours of placement.  "Self-read" by a student or parent is not a CDC supported process.  However, a teacher can become a qualified reader if trained properly.  Teachers should contact their local health department for instructions on how to become a qualified reader.

*         The student should return 7 days after their first test is placed to have the second test placed.   Even if the first test was not read, the second test will be placed.

*         The second test must be read by a qualified reader between 48 - 72 hours after it is placed.

I am happy to help with any questions your teachers might have with student requirements or placement concerns.  We absolutely value our partnership with them.


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