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Good morning,

This email came from Debbie Schilleman yesterday. If you are a CNA instructor or a CTE Coordinator/Director you will want to read this email.


Please read the State Rule in its entirety, especially the portion on instructors-being approved prior to teaching, having their background checks before teaching...

R414-7B-5. Nurse Aide Training Requirements Under UNAR.<http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r414/r414-07b.htm#E5>
(1) UNAR shall administer a NATCEP through a contract with the Department of Health.
(2) An agency that conducts a NATCEP must be UNAR-approved.
(3) Applicants for approval of a NATCEP and all new instructors must be fingerprinted and have their records checked in state and national bureaus. Before receiving NATCEP approval, a NATCEP must send a background check and fingerprinting to UNAR to be placed in the file of the proposed new training program.
Yes, all new instructors...

All skills competencies must be completed prior to clinicals and the clinical instructor must be in attendance at all times...

(c) The trainee must complete at least 16 hours of supervised practical training in a long-term care facility, and complete all skill curriculum and skill competencies before training in any facility. The skills training must ensure that each nurse aide demonstrates competencies in the following areas:
(11) Students who provide services to residents must be under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse who is a UNAR-approved clinical instructor and whose clinical time is separate from her facility employment.
Read all of it as all will be reviewed at your site survey or before...

Thank you!!

Debra A Schilleman
Utah Nursing Assistant Registry Director
schillda at datc.edu<mailto:schillda at datc.edu>

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