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Tue Aug 7 10:54:52 MDT 2012


Good morning.

I am in the new Health Science Educator training today with the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), and just learned about this New Health Science Listserv.

In any event, I have met many of you throughout Spring, during Parent Teacher Conferences last year, but for those I might have missed - I am the new Coordinator for EMT school at the SLCSD CTE.  I am happy to report that in short order, we have *dramatically* improved the program to be more professional, real world, to include clinical practicum with real Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD) Fire/Rescue companies, visits from Gold Cross Ambulances, and content and speakers from area hospitals, AirMed, MDs, etc.  This has been a group effort, and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Elaine Toronto, Jan Hedberg, John Craigle, Ken Grover, Mark Bednarik, Andrea Martinez and Les Chatelain.

I have put together a short YouTube video for your use:

My intent in creating this is to send this to all the High school's counselors, career counselors, partners in education, PTA, *****ANYONE ELSE***** you all believe we should.

What I would ask is that you forward this to any group or students you believe would be best. If you prefer, I can send a file and a hard copy as well.  In any event, it is attached for you to use as you believe would serve the students in your spheres of influence best.

My FIRE/RESCUE peers and I are *VERY* excited about the direction we are taking the FIRE/RESCUE and Emergency Medicine Schools at the CTE.
Please let me know your thoughts, and what else I can do to make this program into all that we need it to be!


Christopher Burk, BS, NREMTP
Medical Training Officer, Coordinator, 
HRT Firefighter Paramedic, SLCFD
christopher.burk at slcgov.com
801.799.4235 office

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