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FYI - GIS resources that you might find useful for your classroom.

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Hi all.

Many new materials are now available as ArcGIS Online moves into mainstream k12 classrooms across the US.

If you’ve not yet explored the new Earth Science GeoInquiries – short activities tied to standards that teach core science concepts using web mapping – explore the collection at http://edcommunity.esri.com/Resources/Collections/geoinquiries
•        Topographic maps
•        Remote sensing
•        Minerals /​ Mining
•        Rock Types
•        Landforms
•        Plate boundaries/​tectonics
•        Earthquakes
•        Volcanoes
•        Mountain building
•        Fresh water
•        Ocean features
•        Atmosphere and Ocean Currents
•        Weather
•        Storms
•        Climate change

GeoInquiries are ideal for sharing with colleagues who don’t use GIS.  They’re intended to be teacher friendly with “zero barriers” to entry.

For those of you familiar with “Our World GIS Education”, you probably already know that “Mapping our World” was released for ArcGIS Online last year (http://edcommunity.esri.com/MOW) but we’ve also recently released “Thinking Spatially Using GIS” for ArcGIS Online (http://edcommunity.esri.com/TSG). Thinking Spatially is designed for elementary geography classrooms.

More coming soon!


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