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Gina Clemmer, New Urban Research nur at urban-research.info
Thu Jul 15 11:29:01 MDT 2010

Dear Listers,

I recently wrote a book called The GIS 20: Essential Skills. It has been published by ESRI press and is featured today at http://www.esri.com/ under "Announcements" on the homepage. I wanted to get the word out for those that are at the UC. It's available at the bookstore and the ESRI press booth. I also wanted to say thanks to those who filled out the survey, which helped to shape this book.

The book was inspired by a poll of 500 GIS practitioners, it is an easy-to-understand guide that emphasizes the top twenty skills most people need to master to be successful using GIS. A quick and comprehensive introduction to fundamental GIS skills, this book includes a data CD for completing the exercises. There are a few unique things about this book:

-This book teaches 20 essential skills in 20 exercises. It's a completely new way of teaching GIS focusing on completing a specific and common task, such as geocoding, or reference mapping.

-It's the most version free book ESRI offers to date, it's written for ArcGIS 10 but is compatible with 9.x versions of the software.

-It include a data cd, but the exercises are written so your own data can be used to complete exercises.

-The book is written in a relaxed tone, using everyday language (non-jargon), which is a significant change from previous ESRI books.
-The price point is more reasonable than many other GIS books.
To view a table of contents and a sample chapter, please visit http://www.esri.com/ or the ESRI Press site at
if you are an educator you can order a free desk copy
Note that desk copies will not be shipped until well after the initial book release in mid-July.
Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I am also happy to schedule a call with you and your GIS colleagues to discuss.


Gina Clemmer
New Urban Research, Inc.
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