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> Subject: exciting mapping FREE application
> Hello all, I attended the Geography Alliance Board meeting last  
> night and left all excited to be working with teachers again.   
> Haven't been around them lately, and really needed the meeting.
> This morning, totally from a different project and source I received  
> a link to a very cool map making site.  Now many of you may already  
> know about this site, some may not, I thought for teachers that are  
> trying to teach geography, geospatial relationships, and just plain  
> map making, THIS IS ONE COOL SITE!!
> At first I thought it was a purchase application, but I finally  
> realized all I had to do was register and I could start making  
> maps.  It looks like it will accept shapefiles, kmls,  and GeoRSS  
> files.  This means all the data in the SGID can be used in this  
> application.  The basemap works with NASA imagery, Google basemap,  
> Yahoo basemap, and lots of other data.  I only worked with it for  
> about 5 minutes so I didn't have time to totally investigate the  
> site.  It is called Geocommons and here is the URL http://maker.geocommons.com/ 
> .  Have fun!
> There were many geography teachers at the meeting last night, that  
> will not receive this email, because I don't have their email in the  
> Coalition group.  Could you forward this to all and any other  
> teacher the is "spatial".
> If I am soo..... behind in sites like this, and you already knew  
> about it, then I want to know why you guys didn't tell me!
> Happy map making.
> Cindy

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