[Gis] Teacher Survey with PRIZES!!!!!

gemap gemap@cc.usu.edu
Wed, 8 Mar 2006 14:01:53 -0700

You have been selected to participate in a statewide survey to assess the 
level of and need for educated use of GIS and GPS technology in Utah 
classrooms.  For completing the attached survey you will be entered in a 
drawing for one of the classroom resource prizes listed below!

Please take a moment to take our survey! Here is the link:

We thank you in advance for helping us better provide teacher training and 
classroom resources related to GIS & GPS technology. 
If you have any questions please email Dr.Cliff Craig or Brigid Sinram at 
gemap@cc.usu.edu. THANK YOU!

Prizes Include:
=953 Garmin Legend GPS units
=953 New 2006 Utah Atlases
=953 sets of NGS Regional Transparencies
=9510 sets of Mexico CD-Roms
=95CMap Workshop Registration: Summer 2006
=952-$100 Grants for classroom resources