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Apparently I sent the wrong link for the recording.

Use this link:  https://canyons.instructure.com/courses/799691/pages/derivita-advanced-editor-training-video?module_item_id=23662953

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Subject: ISD: Derivita - Advanced Editor

Secondary Math Teachers,

This email contains information about access to the advanced editor (information and action)

Derivita - Advanced Editor
Thank you to those who attended the advanced editor training yesterday.  Please don’t forget to “authenticate” your account in order to get access to the advanced editor. Once you have authenticated your account, Derivita will work on getting a Sandbox book created for you and then you will see your own Sandbox book, the Canyons books, and the Derivita Content.

If you missed the training yesterday, you can access the recording here:  https://canyons.instructure.com/courses/799691/pages/advanced-editor-training-video

ACTION: Authenticate your account in order to get access to the advanced editor

Thank you!

Allison & Rachel

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