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Math teachers and principals,

At the CSD board meeting last Tuesday (Oct 16), the school board heard additional information about the district’s proposed adoption of the Illustrated Math curriculum for 7th and 8th grade and the Math Visions Project for high school. At that time, the school board directed Dr. Amber Roderick-Lanward to gather information from teachers on their opinion of the new curriculum adoption.

Most comments from parents were against adoption (8 of 9 comments). Royce Shelly, from Corner Canyon High School, expressed his concerns about the curriculum adoption, which can be heard on the recording of the board meeting under the “New Business item B”. Royce discussed the issue that curriculum for high school has been rewritten twice since the new Utah core standards and the need to rewrite the curriculum again if the new online math book proposal is adopted, especially if adopted “with fidelity” as stated in the proposal.

Please look for inquiries from the Instructional Supports Department (ISD) asking for your opinion on adopting the new online math book. Some schools are piloting the new curriculum this year. The school board expects teachers to be asked for input by ISD prior to the next board meeting on November 13.

Hillcrest High School math department
Erika.bradshaw at canyonsdistrict.org

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