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Secondary Math Teachers,

The email below outlines the details for this month’s Math Teacher’s Circle. (information)

Please see email below for information.

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Subject: Math Teacher's Circle April 12th

Hello esteemed colleagues,

On Thursday, April 12th we will have our second to last Math Teacher's Circle of the school year. It will be held in room G204 at Westlake High School from 4-6pm.

Ray Barton from Olympus High School will lead the discussion. The title is  “Simulations, Derangements, and the Amazing Number e”. I'm sure we will be in for a treat. If you haven't attended before, this will be a great meeting to attend. We will have spring rolls, egg rolls, and lo mein noodles from Rollz Vietnamese Restaurant (which is located near Taylorsville High School).

Please reply if you are coming. Please invite and encourage friends and colleagues to come.

Our last meeting of the school year will be Thursday, May 3rd from 4-6pm in room C132 at Westlake High School. The plan is to review some mathematics of sound and music from an earlier meeting, and then immerse ourselves in the rich harmonics and dissonance of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs while we meditate about the frequencies and vibrations in a relaxing yoga environment. This is my gift to you for your participation in Math Teacher's Circle for the past 2 years. Even if you haven't come before, you don't want to miss this one.


Troy Jones
Math Teacher
Westlake High School
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