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Secondary Math Teachers,

Below is information regarding opportunities to be involved with item writing and content review for the new math state assessment opportunities.

See email below.

ISD Secondary Mathematics Team

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Please see Mathematics Assessment information and request below. Please send names of educators you think would be good to be involved with this process to Whitney Barlow.

Thank you,
Joleigh Honey

Joleigh Honey
STEM Coordinator
Secondary Mathematics Specialist   |   Teaching & Learning   |   Utah State Board of Education
Vice President of Membership   |   Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics  (ASSM)  |   2017 -2019
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[SBE color]

Mathematics Assessment
New Information
Assessment Development Workshop:

  *   Rubric Validation Workshop – June 5&6, 2018, FULL
  *   Item Writing Workshop – June 2018, Recruitment in April
  *   Content Review Workshop – August 2018, Recruitment in May
  *   Sensitivity and Bias Review Workshop – August 2018, Recruitment in May
Please send names and emails of educators that you fell would be a good addition to the workshops – whitney.barlow at schools.utah.gov<mailto:whitney.barlow at schools.utah.gov>

ACT Info
Items to do:
Prepare to administer the emergency makeup ACT test
- April 3rd  for standard administration, and April 3rd – April 9th for accommodated testing (See schedule of events on Utah's ACT Website<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.act.org_content_act_en_products-2Dand-2Dservices_state-2Dand-2Ddistrict-2Dsolutions_utah.html&d=DwMGaQ&c=fGrSkuu3YyS91PacIZP0XfO0GRH7JgL5znLEO6-CQG0&r=hD1RgVtVAfjHqM6ipl7VgIa9sOnyksaDjm7Cex6HZqan_jJHJ-cb-QMyiG7IG6q9&m=B2e14Ka92UnVgsnpvY2L7fT0GNiXnmDu7YnoPMC8JrE&s=YmtvVsdW555hP8glt0Y3RfpobtySTXLxJtqlkQFpiVM&e=>)
- Add students PearsonAccessnext for April 3rd paper makeup test date by April 3rd
- Complete non-test portions of the test by April 2nd
- Information in Pearson Access next User Guide<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.act.org_content_dam_act_unsecured_documents_PANUserGuide-2DACT.pdf&d=DwMGaQ&c=fGrSkuu3YyS91PacIZP0XfO0GRH7JgL5znLEO6-CQG0&r=hD1RgVtVAfjHqM6ipl7VgIa9sOnyksaDjm7Cex6HZqan_jJHJ-cb-QMyiG7IG6q9&m=B2e14Ka92UnVgsnpvY2L7fT0GNiXnmDu7YnoPMC8JrE&s=vEKjZRp1ZdeHlduV9BibAUK7Q8Cgy5wvUIgpZc7KyzA&e=> for how to enroll students and order materials.

Order emergency test date makeup materials
- March 20th – 28th

SAGE Special Codes Training
The recording of the SAGE special codes is available here<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.youtube.com_watch-3Fv-3Dhw7VsI-5FWmNw&d=DwMGaQ&c=fGrSkuu3YyS91PacIZP0XfO0GRH7JgL5znLEO6-CQG0&r=hD1RgVtVAfjHqM6ipl7VgIa9sOnyksaDjm7Cex6HZqan_jJHJ-cb-QMyiG7IG6q9&m=B2e14Ka92UnVgsnpvY2L7fT0GNiXnmDu7YnoPMC8JrE&s=KB8BDdGzXf5UrUuv2SYI_nv_uydnzLJ-awRKOjx9cl8&e=>
SAGE special codes training and power points will be available shortly under SAGE Special Codes on the Data Management tab here<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.schools.utah.gov_assessment_resources&d=DwMGaQ&c=fGrSkuu3YyS91PacIZP0XfO0GRH7JgL5znLEO6-CQG0&r=hD1RgVtVAfjHqM6ipl7VgIa9sOnyksaDjm7Cex6HZqan_jJHJ-cb-QMyiG7IG6q9&m=B2e14Ka92UnVgsnpvY2L7fT0GNiXnmDu7YnoPMC8JrE&s=-U91yDlfLv-yuQjuNrCQy6GTISu-dcIuuyWMOG2hlVg&e=>.

Contact Emily.Berry at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Emily.Berry at schools.utah.gov> with questions regarding special codes.

Darin Nielsen
Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning
Utah State Board of Education
250 E 500 S.
P.O. Box 144200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84144-4200

Cydnee Carter
Assessment Development Coordinator | Assessment & Accountability
Utah State Board of Education
O: 801-538-7654 | E: cydnee.carter at schools.utah.gov<mailto:cydnee.carter at schools.utah.gov>

Jared W. Wright
Test Administration and Data Coordinator
Assessment & Accountability | Utah State Board of Education (USBE)
P 801-538-7871
E jared.wright at schools.utah.gov<mailto:jared.wright at schools.utah.gov>

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