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Duncan, Allison ALLISON.DUNCAN at canyonsdistrict.org
Mon Mar 7 09:53:32 MST 2016

Good morning!

First, thank you all for your hard work and collaboration on Friday! We received a lot of good feedback on the maps.  Rachel and I will look at the feedback, adjust the maps and have them ready for a review at our last late start in April.

Second, I have looked into SAGE permissions and apparently only people with district access (me and Rachel) can save resources to the Canyons Library in SAGE…just learned that on Friday afternoon :)

So, in order to get your question banks onto SAGE, you will need to print them out, send them to me, and Rachel and I will create them in SAGE.

Here is how you print them out:

1.  You should still have your questions in your “resource cart”, click on your “resource cart"
2.  Go ahead and save & publish the questions as a resource in “My Library”
3.  Once you have the resource saved in “My Library”, go back and pull up your resource (go back to the “Search for Resources” menu, under library, uncheck all EXCEPT for “My Library”)
4.  Click on “Search” and it will pull up your resource.
5.  Click on the green arrow next to the name and it will open your resource for you.
6.  ON the top navigation menu, there will be an option for Printing.  Click on the printer.
7.  Once you have it printed, label which grade level and topic it is (e.g. 7th grade geometry) and then send it to me via district mail.

Clear as mud?

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you again!


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