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Dear all,

It is time for another year with Teachers' Math Circle. We hope you will join us! If you've never partaken before, a short description is included below. Since the weather is just right**, we'll kick off the year with some work with bicycle tracks: A bicycle retreat, a session led by yours truly, on Tuesday, September 8th. Please RSVP for the dinner count.

We will continue to meet on Tuesday evenings, gather at 6:15pm to start circle at 6:30pm, and aim to finish by 8pm. We'll be meeting at Rowland Hall's faculty lounge. The address is:

843 Lincoln Street
Salt Lake City, Utah  84102

Invite friends! And while you're all excited about another year of Teachers' Math Circle, you may want to encourage your students to participate in their circle: Math Circle. More information can be found here: http://www.math.utah.edu/mathcircle/<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/FZsS81MQ71NJ5xx5eWqrbVKVJ6XXNEVd7aab0USztZUQsCzB54QsFCQrLL6zAQsEEIf6QrLCzBdMsUyqejuDDOFm78dMJI0lro5GMExaAUOJfw09KSMblxh2l9NBqv00juITKeZZ_HYUUqenCm6eLsKCC-zObabzZT7eEyCJtdmX37axVZicHs3jq9JATvAnTAjhOUyOMUrKr01aXcDPsZ9ZW3uaXcDqkr7_xIxcOyssUYeYtHX1EVZYUUhGvYy9fytoum1lb4WRfFPsZ9YhGpdFKczCjoK0GhEw6Th0Qg1euAPh02vSNfUQd4VEw4FhIvVEwjKy_ybxJAsrdCaB>


MfA Utah Teachers' Math Circle<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/1jWVIp3x0SyMMyDtddBYTsSztZUQsCzB55wsrhK-YqejhOyyqekPqdTTzhOqekkm7zqdTPhOCUeshd79LjPVkH3A6UmS0aJI2RokgBispmDM04Tro5GMExaAUOJfw09LmrT7u-_R-ssd7bPb37nKnjjvhV5B5N-XzDkhjmKCHtxzBgY-F6lK1FJcSOrLObXO9EVshposdTdw0SSV_JyvNFqkr7_jz4yIGbrrWsLxIxcOyssUYeYtHX1EVZYUUhGvYy9fytoum1lb4WRfFPsZ9YhGpdFKczCjoK0GhEw6Th0Qg1euAPh02vSNfUQd4VEw4FhIvVEwjKy_ybxJAsrBNJ7>

The University of Utah Teachers' Math Circle is a program for teachers who want to play with problems they haven't seen before, and learn some new mathematics. Based partly on a model developed at the American Institute of Mathematics, the focus will be on open-ended explorations of mathematical techniques and problems, with a view toward potential applications in the classroom. Equally important is an opportunity to work with other educators who are as excited about mathematics and teaching mathematics as you are.

2015/2016 Schedule:

September 8: Emina Alibegovic - A bicycle retreat
October 6: Mark Shoemaker
November 3: Kevin Wortman
December 1: Sean McAfee
January 26: Morgan Cesa
February 23: Anna Romanova
March 22: Sayonita Ghoshhajra
April 19: Evelyn Lamb



I'll make sure to send another reminder around a week before the meeting with more information on the following session. Hope to see you there!

** If the weather goes south, we might have to modify the session!
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