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Wed Dec 16 08:51:31 MST 2015

Looking for something to do this summer???  See below  :)

Those receiving this e-mail who are teachers in grades 2 – 12: Read carefully and consider applying.

Those who are mathematics supervisors in LEAs or are principals: Please pass the following information on to those you feel might be interested in this opportunity.

The Park City Math Institute is a very highly regarded summer program in mathematics for practicing teachers, researchers, higher education faculty, and so on. The Teacher Leadership Program is for teachers of mathematics in grades 2 through 12. Click on the links below for more information.

Greetings to everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that applications are open for the Teacher Program at PCMI (Part City Mathematics Institute). Information about the program can be found http://mathforum.org/pcmi/<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/5fHCNEg6hESyM_tddeX8UTsSztZUQsCzB55wsrhK-YqejhOyyqekPqdTTzhOqekkm7zqdTPhOCUeshd79LjPVkH3A6UmS0aJI2RokgBispmDM04Tro5GMExaAUOJfw09Jx17rzD7-LOaqb3b38XHTbFEEIsCMMehpusWyaqRQRrI9YG7DR8OJMddECTPtPtPo0dnpATqNrlU03yRBporFfRiV2Hsbvg57OFeDd_3w09J5OXRPpFr60id3pFtd409_r4_yq80J6F6eGCy2HFEwCjYQg1roBjh09iCmd40TIOpEw3okBdKvCTSjr8oU4frs> and a link to the application is at the bottom of the page or you can go directly to https://pcmi.ias.edu/application-tlp<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/2DRPoAd1MsrhovKCCDtAsrKrhK-YqejhOyyMedETvud79EVhhd7apJ6XXNEVd7aab3NJ6XVEVjs7e8CzATFVYGlxO3sbr05mS1qIa8iFecHjU02rJI2RokgBispmDM04SMwzJNPz_nV5d5xBxAtRXBQQkmejoo78ILeth5dqWqJS4-l3PWApmU6CQPrVKVKVIDeqR4INqOIKBJeZ1LdmmfBrpOH0LcZoTivGBO5mUm-wafBiter-700jqbBTHCPiSc0Aq6PiWq80j-S9_4Qg1qdictld45njh1cDVEw2SNaCy0iBcIq81LpAPh06MFars_dLICVuUqXd6zUazY>.

PCMI is a splendid way to renew your enthusiasm for mathematics, reflect on your teaching and work and play with awesome colleagues from across the nation. The PCMI theme this year is Big Data- and it promises to be a great experience. Three weeks might seem like a long time (June 30-July 20) - but it flies by. You leave refreshed and energized as a teacher with a network of folks committed to making a difference for kids in their classrooms.

We are looking for any teacher from grade 2 to 12 who loves math and teaching math. The deadline is January 15- so get yours in before Christmas.

Best wishes for a great holiday season.

Gail Burrill

David A. Smith
STEM Coordinator
Elementary Mathematics Specialist
Teaching and Learning Section
Utah State Office of Education
David.smith at schools.utah.gov<mailto:David.smith at schools.utah.gov>
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My Blog: http://utahelementarymath.wordpress.com<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/k-Kr3wUg6hASyM_tddeX8UTsSztZUQsCzB55wsrhK-YqejhOyyqekPqdTTzhOqekkm7zqdTPhOCUeshd79LjPVkH3A6UmS0aJI2RokgBispmDM04Tro5GMExaAUOJfw09Jx17rzD7-LOaqb3b38XHTbFEEIsCMMehpusWyaqRQRrI9YG7DR8OJMddI6TPtPtPo0dKuA_fZnUjS9pnpA-clywJ7WkVv3t9-Gn8lrxrW0E-l9QVLUs01dEKnuKrdboM2hErdbFEw1fXoDYjh05ER8NRkQgltd44OvCy0br4Gq81akONEw6ZCjd40r2AFJPYS-OrA7TeYfVH>
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