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Subject: FW: Teachers' circle, 4/28

Please see Teaher’s Circle email from Emina below.

Thank you,
Joleigh Honey

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Subject: Teachers' circle, 4/28

Hello, all!

Please join us for next Teachers' Circle on Tuesday, April 28, 6:15pm. Next week we will have a pleasure of working with

Emily Witt
The minimal criminal and the principle of recursion.

Please RSVP by Friday noon, so I can organize enough dinner for all.  The directions to the meeting place are below.

I am including info about another opportunity for this summer!

Richard Rusczyk at the Art of Problem Solving (who is also on  MTC Advisory Board) has suggested that AoPS may be willing to offer a teachers-only section of their Introduction to Counting and Probability course free of charge, if we can demonstrate sufficient interest. Information about the course is available athttp://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/intro-counting<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/5fHCN8e6hEedEI9CzBNB5cQsICXCQrLL6zAQsEEI3zqdTTzhOqekkjhOCrhK-YqejhOyyMYrhK-qekT1Py9EVdWuvaBoswT2SM1lJwmH2y4GjzaQ-00CXr0Jm549kD6lFY01dSph7ecLLZvC6jhOOCYDRXBQSm6uud7bUVBdXBHEShjlKy_OEuvkzaT0QSyrpdTV5xdVYsyMCqejtPo0foPGWJ6F0_RqlfcOwhVvam9RGvBGJNF-ixediZGJMDa14SgCpheevvphuTn3hOVsUUhGvYy9fytoum1lb4WRfFPsZ9YhGpdK8IIfCNs1kzh02vSNfUQd4VEwJadz_0cQgcoCYrjsdQTON>.

Teachers can indicate their interest by filling out the form at https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/51095762615963<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/FZsScyhJ5xcQsKcEFCzBATsSztZUQsCzB55wsrhK-YqejhOyyqekPqdTTzhOqekkm7zqdTPhOCUeshd79LjPVkH3A6UmS0aJI2RokgBispmDM04Tro5GMExaAUOJfw09KPa8VNBZ_HYMOqemkTA-LsKCOMPPNEVv7cFLsJt6OaqJQn-l3PWApmU6CQPr9K_8I9LfzAm4PhOrKr9PCJhbcFZCU_MzmrJoGHhHO-eRyHzWdPhO-esjshvd7bz9IxcOyss--OyZKK6zBOVNMzk_V4iv4WMYI2Gm9RGvjCVWjUzkOrshpovdyU2F6y04_JyvNEq9Ph1qkr7-0pEwoNdUSCUrM0SV> before Monday, May 4. Filling out the form does not indicate a commitment to take the course, but please only sign up if you have a serious interest.


We will meet at Rowland Hall's faculty lounge. The address is:

Rowland Hall
843 Lincoln StreetSalt Lake City, Utah 84102

Rowland Hall is located near the 9th and 9th neighborhood between Lincoln St. and 1000 East. You may street park along the east side of Lincoln (right next to the school). The faculty parking lounge is only accessible from 1000 East. The main entrance is off of Lincoln St. and should be open but we will post someone at the door if it is locked.  All of this is summarized in the figure below.

[Inline image 3]

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