[CSD Math MS] Proposed Sequence Change for 8th Grade Core - PLEASE TAKE SURVEY

Robison, Mindy MINDY.ROBISON at canyonsdistrict.org
Tue Mar 19 16:01:10 MDT 2013

Middle School Teachers,

As we are preparing for next year a group of teachers has proposed a sequencing change for the 8th grade math class (both regular and honors).  I have attached the proposed sequence change.

The following is the teachers thinking behind the changes:

1- The first unit builds on their number sense and expands it to include all number types they should know within the core. This then becomes review material through the year to help the students get to mastery.

2- By completing square root and cube roots before equations we can open up for a more diverse population of equations in that section, allowing for a wider array of answers and we don't have to reteach equations mid year for those that may have forgotten.

3- By doing the geometry section before the graphing and linearity section we are able to understand similarity and use that as an engine to understand that slope is constant via any two distinct points.

4- By saving linearity until the end and putting it with the stats section, students will be able to recall how to find equations quicker and less reteaching will need to be done.

The VERY short survey asks if you would like to stay with our current scope and sequence or revise it to the new proposal. Please click on the link and take the survey.


 Please take the survey by Friday, March 22nd.  The survey will determine the ordering of our scope and sequence for all 8th grade math next year.

Thank you for your willingness to help us determine the best way to teach 8th grade math next year.

- Mindy
Mindy Robison
Evidence-Based Specialist
Canyons School District
801.230.1784 (Cell)
801.826.5035 (Office)

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