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Great opportunity to work with BYU and their Comprehensive Mathematics Initiative.  Participants will be awarded a living allowance and a monthly stipend.

Just a side note: Scott Hendrickson is currently working with several others on the Mathematics Vision Project: the books the state is partnering with to create for Secondary I, II, and III.

Applications are due by February 20th!


From: Scott Hendrickson [mailto:scott at mathed.byu.edu]
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 10:56 AM
To: Suddreth, Diana
Subject: VISTA

We are looking for a VISTA "volunteer" to work
with the Comprehensive Mathematics Initiative (CMI) project at BYU.
As explained in the attached job description, the position includes a
small monthly stipend and some benefits.  This may be a perfect fit
for someone who has chosen not to teach full time, but would still
like to be actively involved in math education opportunities.  We are
looking for candidates who has some familiarity with the field of math
education, since they will be able to contribute more to the needs of
the project.  Applications are due February 20, and there is
information in the job description explaining how to apply and who to
contact for more information.



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