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This summer USOE is offering free training for interested teachers for Common Core 7th and 8th and Secondary II (10th grade).  This is a training that fills up fast and is not offered to all teachers.

Canyons has the unique opportunity to offer this training to interested teachers in our district.  Though we will not be able to compensate you for your time, you will be rewarded with relicensure and possibly CACTUS credit.  Plus lunch will be provided!

This will be a great opportunity for middle school teachers to get a refresher course on the 7th and 8th grade core and for high school teachers to get a sneak peak of what they will be teaching in 10th grade.

If you are interested, please register through On-Track https://usoe.truenorthlogic.com/ia/render.userLayoutRootNode.uP login is your firstname.lastname and your password is your CACTUS ID number.  Search for secondary mathematics core academy.

Happy Wednesday!


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There is still room in most of the secondary mathematics core academy sessions (Grades 7, 8, and Secondary II).  Since this is likely the only year that these courses will be offered, we hope you will take advantage of this professional development whether or not your district is supporting you with incentives.  Please also be aware that the design of the academy is NOT a trainer of trainer model, therefore, for teachers to get full benefit of the academy, they should attend this summer rather than waiting for professional development during the year that may not be as comprehensive.

There are several opportunities to attend the academy throughout Utah and it is also permissible for teachers to attend more than one.  For example, 7th grade teachers may wish to attend an 8th grade session nearby if room is available so they will be equipped with knowledge and skill to teach both 7th and 8th grade.  Similarly, teachers who teach high school may attend the Secondary II sessions, even if they are not assigned to teach Secondary II during the coming year.

At this time there are NO restrictions or district or charter limits on who may attend.  Teachers may register themselves through OnTrack at any convenient location whether or not the session lies within their immediate district.

Registration will be closing soon so that we have time to order materials and catering for this summer. I hope you will  sign up to attend!

Diana Suddreth
STEM Coordinator, Teaching and Learning
Utah State Office of Education
Diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov>

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