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Attached is a flyer giving more detail about the PD

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Subject: Summer PD Opportunity in your own backyard...

…Well, Canyons backyard…

This summer the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Utah is hosting a two-day workshop for any interested teachers.

Friday July 6th and Saturday July 7th teachers will have the opportunity to work with Martin Flashman, a professor of mathematics at Humboldt State University.  Friday he will address "A Different Approach to Understanding Functions" great topic for Secondary I teachers (Common Core 9th grade teachers) and Saturday he will be talking about "Amazing Results for AP Calculus".

Both sessions will be held at the NEW Professional Development Center at the Canyons School District Support Services Building (9361 South 300 East).  Food will be provided both days.

To register go to http://usoe.truenorthlogic.com Search for course #34981 (section 37917) for Friday or course #34982 (section #37918) for Saturday.  Or Email cangelos at math.utah.edu<mailto:cangelos at math.utah.edu>.

Happy Summer!

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