[CSD Math MS] Fidelity with MCOMP and MCAP

Duncan, Allison ALLISON.DUNCAN at canyonsdistrict.org
Fri Sep 9 11:03:25 MDT 2011

Dear teachers,

As many of you are gearing up to administer the Fall round of Math CBMS, please make sure you are administering the assessments WITH FIDELITY:

What that means is:

  1.  The AIMSWEB Administration Directions are read FOR EACH AND EVERY test.  Please make sure you download them from either the website or from the MCBM drop box folder and are read word for word.  (The administration directions are also attached to this email)
  2.  Both tests HAVE to be administered with paper and pencil, NO ACCOMODATIONS and NO TECHNOLOGY should be used...including when grading.  You may still utilize the students in the pencil/paper scoring of the tests (not their own, but another students' test).

This is to ensure fidelity and that each test is administered and is standardized.  If any adjustments in administering are made, the data will be skewed and unusable.

Thank you all for your efforts in this matter.

The EBL Math Department.
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