[CSD Math MS] 7th Grade Math Study Group REMINDER

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I am sorry I just found out that I would not be able to make to our meeting tomorrow.  The attachment is a document that I put together.  I basically rewrote the core with the order according to the Curriculum sequence we got last week.  Look on the second page to see the core in the order that follows the sequence.  I felt like I needed it in this format because the sequence paper just said things like S.ID.6 is first.   But I had no idea what S.ID.6 was.

I put this together really quickly, and I thought I would have more time before letting anyone else see it.  But I thought you all might like a look at it.

For the most part I found it to be a pretty good sequence.  I just have to comments on it right now.
1st I could not find G.CO.12 and G.CO.13 in the sequence.
2nd I think we should interpret data and statistics using linear and exponential models after we go over linear and exponential equaitions.

Alan Layton

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Just a reminder:

7th grade math study group TODAY, at 3:45 at the CAB in room 351

See you there!

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