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In my excitement to release the 1st edition of Weekly Wednesday, I forgot to include the attachments referenced.  Thanks Laura Reina and Keri Greener for letting me know!

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Good afternoon CDs,

In an attempt to reduce the barrage of emails you receive from our CD listserv, we are going to try and accumulate information that is not time sensitive so that you end up with one email that is a weekly digest of various opportunities you may be interested in knowing about.  There will be other emails you receive outside of the Wednesday Weekly, but those will either be time sensitive or critical information to your role as a curriculum director.  My intent is to try this new strategy of delivering you information.  Please let me know your thoughts after a few iterations.

The Wednesday Weekly will be organized by topic/content area.  In general, the items will contain information that may be of interest to you or has been sent to other content area specialists in the past week.  Additionally, this is where we will house the textbook surplus notifications (required in statute that we notify you of what is available).

Enjoy your first edition of Wednesday Weekly!

#1 Student Advisory Council Positions Open - Applications Due May 24th

USBE is seeking current 10th grade students who will be Juniors in the 19-20 school year to fill our open positions on the State's Student Advisory Council. The positions are for two years and represent each of the 15 state board of education districts. The students will be actively engaged in providing advice and feedback to the Board regarding the Board's policies and regulations. This is a great opportunity for students with different perspectives and education experiences to offer their point of view on the education system in Utah and how the Board can incorporate the student's voice in the work it carries out. This is also a great opportunity to interact with elected state board members, legislators, and other education policy makers.

We would greatly appreciate if you could forward this information with the application link below to all current 10th grade students.

We have 7 open positions for students living in State School Board districts 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 15. A student can find out which Utah State Board of Education district they are in by doing the following:

  1.  Visit https://elections.utah.gov/map/district-map
  2.  Click on "State Board of Education"
  3.  Type in your current address
  4.  Click on find and look for which district (1-15)

If the students do not reside in these districts we are still seeking applications for students who would interested in possible collaborations with the student representing their state school board district.

Applications are due Friday, May 24th with finalist phone interviews June 3-5 and selection announcements made June 6thin the June Utah State Board of Education meeting.

If there are any questions please email Jeffrey Van Hulten at  jeffrey.vanhulten at schools.utah.gov<mailto:jeffrey.vanhulten at schools.utah.gov> .

Application Link: https://usbe.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3yOGXTLGG0dCM3H

Contact: Jeffrey Van Hulten, USBE Policy Advisor

Email: Jeffrey.vanhulten at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Jeffrey.vanhulten at schools.utah.gov>

#2 Intern Available

Recently, USBE was contacted by a student from BYU-Idaho seeking internship opportunity. If you have a fit for this individual, please contact him at Jack Garrett <patriotjack39 at yahoo.com<mailto:patriotjack39 at yahoo.com>>.

#3 RISE Update

On behalf of the USBE, I express appreciation for each LEA that is making every effort to complete the required testing. The data associated with these tests are used to provide feedback that can inform our teaching practices, curriculum decisions, and public education program funding. While the test administration conditions have been less than ideal, getting disrupted on a number of occasions, the tests and the questions they consist of are Utah's test questions. The questions that have been developed and administered over the previous five years. They are aligned to our Core standards (valid) and proven to be a consistent and stable measurement (reliable). At the conclusion of the testing window, a number of steps will be taken to ensure the data  maintains the integrity we expect. These steps include an interruption-of-service impact study conducted by Questar and reviewed by a third party. An ELA standards validation study, conducted by Utah educators, facilitated through Questar staff. Analysis of the impact of switching assessments on measuring student growth, conducted by USBE staff, facilitated by the Center for Assessment. The publication of a Technical Report, completed by Questar and reviewed by USBE's Technical Advisory Committee. An finally, submission of assessment parameters for Peer Review, facilitated by the Federal Government.

Contact: Darin Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning
Email: darin.nielsen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:darin.nielsen at schools.utah.gov>

#4 Mathematics

Teachers!   Have you heard of the National Summer Teacher Institute conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)?

They will be offering their workshop on Innovation, STEM, and Intellectual Property July 28-August 2, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Travel and lodging is provided for selected applicants that live over 50 miles from the venues (which is us Utah!!)

Applications are due May 22, 2019.  More information and  the application can be found here:  https://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/outreach-and-education/national-summer-teacher-institute

Contact: Kellie Yates, Program Specialist at the STEM Action Center
Email: kellieyates at utah.gov<mailto:kellieyates at utah.gov>

#5 Social Studies

Democracy at Risk: Holocaust and Human Behavior (see attachment #1 for more information)

Register now for a professional learning opportunity June 6 and 7 in Salt Lake City.  Facing History and Ourselves will be coming in to provide a session that will focus on developing student skills in reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement through the lens of historical thinking regarding the Holocaust.

This session is limited to 40 participants.  Ideally, participants should be active classroom teachers, and must be willing to create a lesson plan and/or other resources in exchange for the stipend for participation.  Those selected will receive a stipend for their work, and will also be automatically registered for the June 7 Civic and Character education conference, A Place for All, held in conjunction with this workshop.

Please apply, tell your colleagues, and thank you for your interest.

Apply for your spot at:  https://www.facinghistory.org/calendar/w2019ut1-democracy-risk-holocaust-and-human-behavior

Contact: Robert Austin, USBE Social Studies Specialist

Email: robert.austin at schools.utah.gov<mailto:robert.austin at schools.utah.gov>

#6 Physical Education

Our annual Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds conference is June 11 at the Davis Conference Center (see attachment #2 for more information). This conference is designed for elementary classroom teachers and elementary P.E. specialists. Breakouts will focus on mind and body wellness and integrate health, physical activity, science, and literacy standards. Attendees will be all get resources, activities, and equipment for attending. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Registration closes June 1.

Contact: Jodi Parker, USBE Physical Education Specialist

Email: jodi.parker at schools.utah.gov<mailto:jodi.parker at schools.utah.gov>

#7 Science Community Opportunities

There are several science community learning opportunities available, please see attachment #3 for more information)

#8 Textbook Surplus

Surplus textbooks are available from Kanab Elementary School (see attachment #4 for more information).

Contact: Principal Braxton Bateman

Telephone: 435-664-2329


Jennifer Throndsen, PhD

Director of Teaching and Learning

Utah State Board of Education

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