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Wednesday Weekly Edition #6

June 19, 2019

Rise Short-Term Solution

Please see this message from Assistant Superintendent Darin Nielsen: "I’m happy to share that the short-term solution for Utah’s Standards Assessment (RISE) delivery system will be provided by the American Institute for Research (AIR). Work will begin immediately to develop the associated 3-year contract. In addition, USBE and AIR staff will begin implementation activities in anticipation of a fall 2019 delivery date for RISE formative and summative assessments. With the complexities associated with the requirements of this assessment and the short time available to develop a reliable/dependable system I am happy that AIR is able to partner with the Utah State Board of Education and am confident in their ability to deliver. AIR successfully delivered the Utah Standards Assessment (SAGE) over a period of five years, most recently in 2017/2018. This recent business relationship with the USBE puts them in a unique position to be able to meet the narrow implementation timeline without dependency on any other assessment vendor. Additional details about the implementation timeline and associated activities will be provided during the Assessment Directors meeting on June 20, 2019. "

Contact: Darin Nielsen

Email: darin.nielsen at schools.utah.gov

MTSS Literacy Leadership Workshop (attachment 1)

Attached is the description for the MTSS literacy leadership workshop with Kim St. Martin. We have over 60 signed up and have plenty of room for more people to sign up in MIDAS.  The course number is 53053.
Contact: Garret Rose

Email: garret.rose at schools.utah.gov

Surplus Books (attachment 2)

Lake Powell School in Kane School District has surplus textbooks available.  The list is attached.

Contact: Kay Townsend

Email: townsendk at kane.k12.us.ut

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