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Throndsen, Jennifer Jennifer.Throndsen at schools.utah.gov
Fri Jun 7 11:50:21 MDT 2019

Good morning,

Yesterday was a full day for the Utah State Board of Education with a meeting that went for 12.5 hours.  So, let's say there are some areas of note for your to be aware of.  To view the complete agenda and associated documents: Complete Agenda and Backup<https://www.boarddocs.com/ut/usbe/Board.nsf/Public>.   Here are the most relevant details for your role:

Science Standards Approved for K-5 and 9-12
The Board approved the science standards for release.  The amended draft of the standards and an implementation plan will be released in the coming weeks.  We are excited to have this milestone accomplished!  For more information, please contact the following our USBE science specialists:

Elementary Science: Melissa.mendenhall at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Melissa.mendenhall at schools.utah.gov>
Secondary Science: Richard.Scott at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Richard.Scott at schools.utah.gov>

R277-707 Enhancement for Accelerated Programs-New Draft Released and Approved
The Board reviewed Draft 4 of R277-707 following a request for a public hearing that was held last week.  During the board meeting, another draft of the rule (Draft 6) was released and approved. Currently, this rule is slated to go into effect during the next school year (19/20) and will have changes to funding formulas related to Advanced Placement allocations. You can find all of the Board Docs associated with this rule here.<https://go.boarddocs.com/ut/usbe/Board.nsf/Private?open&login> Draft 6 changes the previously approved draft (draft 4) in several ways:

  *   The allocation formula is changes from 50% AP test scores of 2 or greater and 50% enrollment to a 30/70 split with AP test scores of 3 relating to funding
  *   Shifts language related to a focus on underrepresented students to language that includes underrepresented students
  *   Increases reporting requirements for LEAs related to how they allocate money to their schools at the teacher level
  *   Increases the expectations related to why the Superintendent would withhold funding related to an LEA not making progress in their identified underrepresented focus group or their plan goals
For questions, please contact the USBE's Early College Specialist:
Nate Auck Nathan.auck at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Nathan.auck at schools.utah.gov>

Standards Revision Timeline and Process
The Board has worked with staff to create a timeline for Core Standards revisions.  Changes to the actual standards revision process have also been made.  See attachments for more information.  The revision cycle should be very useful in your future planning on when to expect new standards in which Core content areas. We will have a brief discussion about these changes in our September meeting.

Contact Person: Jennifer Throndsen
Email: Jennifer.throndsen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Jennifer.throndsen at schools.utah.gov>

Approved Rule Amendments
R277-477 Distributions of Funds from the Trust Distribution Account and Administration of the School LAND Trust Program
R277-491 School Community Councils
R277-522 Entry Years Enhancements (EYE) for Quality Teaching - Level 1 Utah Teachers

New Rules
R277-305 School Leadership Preparation Programs (New)
R277-322, LEA Codes of Conduct (New) and R277-517 (Repeal)

Career and Technical Education Standards Updates
K-5 Computer Science Standards Draft Released for 30-Day Public Review
College and Career Awareness Standards Approved

Contact Person: Ashley Higgs
Email: Ashley.higgs at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Ashley.higgs at schools.utah.gov>

Jennifer Throndsen, PhD
Director of Teaching and Learning
Utah State Board of Education

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