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Wednesday Weekly Edition

Aug 21, 2019
Curriculum Directors Meeting Request (ACTION NEEDED) (2nd request)
In preparation for the 2019-2020 Curriculum Directors meeting, we are planning on developing learning teams for curriculum directors to collaborate on current problems of practice. Collaboration time and resources will be provided during curriculum directors meetings to work in these teams.

Considering the feedback on the areas of priority in the LEAs, the following four areas have been chosen for the options for the learning teams: English Learners, Social-Emotional Learning, Professional Learning Communities, and Personalized Learning.

In preparation, please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSds1gC0D-SErB6UHTW2sGGXY6CcyXWuQKqyxt4hxMefuegnsQ/viewform?usp=sf_link and respond to the information so that we can best prepare for these groups.  Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Assessment Update
Good morning,

As discussed in yesterday's Assessment Director's meeting, the Nextera system will be available through September 30, 2019. LEAs will need to download individual student score reports (ISR) for mathematics, science, and ELA tests for each of their students prior to that date. As we concluded the 2019 testing session, Questar was unable to confirm that these reports were 100% accurate, providing the following statement in a May 28, 2019 email, "We agree with the USBE's current directive to LEAs and schools to not use the RISE reports at this time." In addition, Questar had inadvertently reset approximately 1,700 student scores and were in the process of restoring the student scores as the school year came to an end. Questar has confirmed that that work as well as the corrections to the ISR report have been completed. LEAs can now download and distribute student ISRs for mathematics, science, and writing. The ELA ISRs are expected to be available for download and distribution after September 5, 2019. The delay on the ELA reports is a result of a change in directive from USBE to Questar, requesting that they provide the ELA scale and proficiency scores despite not completing the ELA standards validation process as previously scheduled. While the Testing Ethics policy<https://schools.utah.gov/file/47844e6b-59f1-4213-8701-1c1edf5b8423> requires the distribution of individual student reports for state assessments, it is up to each LEA to determine the most appropriate method of distribution for their respective students. Please remember that for the small number of students that were assigned a participation code of 111 (USBE excused) for one or more of the tests, they should not expect an ISR for that assessment.
As we also discussed, USBE staff continue to work with Questar to ensure that the required state data file is complete and accurate. We expect to receive the final state data file in the coming day/s, after which each LEA will receive their respective data file.
Board rule R277-404 contains the following provision, "An LEA may not release state assessment data publicly until authorized to do so by the Superintendent." This provision does not reference the ISR but rather the school and LEA level data, providing assurances to each LEA that they will have time for internal review and analysis prior to any public release and associated media requests.

I am thankful for your good work and support as we continue to move forward.

Contact Person: Darin Nielsen

Email: Darin.Nielsen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Darin.Nielsen at schools.utah.gov>

Elementary Social Studies Standards up for Review
Dear Colleagues:

The K-6 social studies standards will be up for review this year.  What does that mean?

That means a standards review committee will be looking at the current standards and making recommendations regarding any proposed changes to the standards.  Obviously we won't know what those recommendations are until they meet, which will be later this fall.

Once the committee has made their determinations, we will proceed with providing that information to the Board, and they will decide the scope of any revisions.

So, while the process is beginning, there is not much I can tell you regarding what form this review will take until later.

I will keep you posted and informed as often as possible as we move forward.

Contact Person: Robert Austin

Email: Robert.Austin at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Robert.Austin at schools.utah.gov>

First Year Music Teacher Mentoring and Support Opportunity

Utah Music Education Association (UMEA) is offering an opportunity to provide additional support and mentoring for first-year music teachers. Please see the attached documents and share with educators that may benefit from this opportunity. (See Attachments # 1 and 2)

Contact Person: Cathy Jensen

Email: cathy.jensen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:cathy.jensen at schools.utah.gov>

Technical Theatre Guidelines for Fine Arts Credit
The guidelines for Fine Arts Technical Theatre credit were discussed and distributed.  Please see attached document and watch for it on our website. (See Attachment # 3)

Contact Person: Cathy Jensen

Email: cathy.jensen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:cathy.jensen at schools.utah.gov>

UCSS Fall Conference
Get ready for a great Utah Council for the Social Studies conference this year.  We have some amazing breakout sessions planned and a keynote speaker who was a POW in the Vietnam War.  Look at the attached flyer for information. (See Attachment # 4)

Contact Person: Kaye Rizzuto
Email: kaye.rizzuto at jordandistrict.org<mailto:kaye.rizzuto at jordandistrict.org>

Utah Mathematics Newsletter
Welcome Back to School!  The August Mathematics Newsletter is now available!  Click Here<https://math932.wixsite.com/website-7/post/august-newsletter> to read about:

  *   Teacher Spotlight
  *   Summer Success Story
  *   STEM Endorsement
  *   NCTM Volunteer Opportunity
  *   Elementary Mathematics Professional Learning Courses
  *   Mathematics Webinars

Contact Person: Joleigh Honey
Email: Joleigh.honey at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Joleigh.honey at schools.utah.gov>

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Jennifer Throndsen, PhD
Director of Teaching and Learning
Utah State Board of Education

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