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Wednesday Weekly Edition #13

August 7, 2019

Utah State Board of Education August Board Meeting Summary
Our last USBE Board Meeting was held August 1-2.  If you're interested in reviewing the video, backup documents, or minutes, those can be found at: https://www.schools.utah.gov/board/utah/meetings

Here are the highlights you may be interested in:

  *   Charter School Task Force created to address accounting, standards, finance, and operations by developing a scope of work and recommendations for the Board
  *   R277-927 for Teacher and Student Success Account (TSSA) approved.  This rule provides more direction on the implementation of SB 149 from the past legislative session.  Specifically, it provides additional details related to allowable expenditures as well as application requirements.
  *   R277-713 Concurrent Enrollment of Students in College Courses amendments approved.  The changes are in response to legislative amendments to students in grades 9-10th grade and their ability to participate in concurrent enrollment courses.
  *   R277-474 School Instruction and Sex Education amendments approved.  Most significant change requires each LEA to have an appeals process for stakeholders related to curriculum used.
  *   The Core Standards Revision Rubric was accepted as one strategy for triggering a core standards revision outside of the Board approved timeline for standards revision.  More information can be found at: https://www.schools.utah.gov/curr/utahcorestandards
  *   The Board approved the 3 year contract with American Institutes for Research (AIR) for the assessment system platform.  This will move our vendor support from Questar to AIR for this coming school year.


  *   R277-473 Utah Computer Science Grant Program (NEW). The committee reviewed the new rule which provides guidance for the new computer science grant awards program created during the 2019 Legislative Session.  The rule will be brought full board next month for consideration.
  *   K-5 Computer Science Standards.  Staff brought the draft of the K-5 Computer Science Standards to the committee for approval.  The committee directed staff to address a few of their concerns and return at a future meeting with recommendations to address those concerns.
  *   R277-404 Requirements for Assessments of Student Achievement.  Due to legislative changes, new allowances for the use of student assessment scores on end of year summative assessments are permitted.
  *   USBE Student Advisory Council Recommendations.  The student advisory discussed six recommendations with the committee.  Those recommendations will be brought to the full board for additional discussion and potential action in a future meetings.  The six recommendations include:

  1.  Seek Board approval to send an open letter to LEAs requesting less time on benchmark assessments and more time on engaged learning;
  2.  Recommend the Board revise English Language Arts and Social Studies standards;
  3.  Recommend the Board instruct staff to provide "best practices" training to school counselors ensuring minority student access to college and career readiness resources;
  4.  Recommend the Board consider including other regional, ethnic, and cultural histories outside of euro-centric based history with the next update to Social Studies standards;
  5.  Seek Board approval to send an open letter to LEAs encouraging a revamp of Hope Squads to be less suicide centric and more peer support driven; and
  6.  Seek Board approval to disseminate a statewide student school safety survey to determine the top issues and perceptions regarding school safety.

  *   Board Policy 3002-Core Standards Revision Process.  Staff proposed amendments to the Board Policy with respect to the core standards revision process.  The committee approved of the amendments and will take them to the full board for consideration next month.

Digital Teaching and Learning Newsletter
This edition is full of "NEED TO KNOW" information. Click HERE to read the August DTL Newsletter<https://www.smore.com/k2ght> and learn more about the following:

  *   Who to contact with updates if your DTL Leadership has had any changes
  *   Registration details, location change, and a few teasers for the upcoming annual Fall DTL Summit #GetExcited
  *   Critical information regarding Utah Grants, including FY19 & FY20 DTL Grant Awards and monthly deadlines for reimbursement requests
  *   Lea(R)n Platform updates
  *   Opportunities and invitations to expand your circle of influence. #GetInvolvedAtUSBE
  *   Articles and resources for implementing Coding, Transformative Digital Learning, CS4ALL, and Personalized Learning
  *   A little inspiration...The Myth of Average (video clip worth watching)

*After you read the entire newsletter, send an email to Sydney.Young at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Sydney.Young at schools.utah.gov> or post on Twitter with the hashtag #DTLUtah with an a-ha moment, something you didn't know before you read it, an affirmation if something aligns to what you are already doing in your LEA, a different perspective if something shared doesn't resonate with you, or confirmation that you were able to register for the DTL Summit.  You'll be glad you did! #Teaser

The USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team
Todd Call, DTL Coordinator
Rick Gaisford, Education Technology Specialist
Melanie Durfee, DTL Achievement Specialist

Sydney (Syd) Young, DTL Implementation Specialist

Jennifer Throndsen, PhD
Director of Teaching and Learning
Utah State Board of Education

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