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Good afternoon CDs,

We wanted to make you aware of the latest adjustments to the science standards review and approval process and some important dates.

At this time, the Board has arranged a special session to assist in approving the standards at the June 6th meeting. If this does in fact occur as planned districts and schools can start working toward full implementation as soon as possible. It is expected that the new science standards will be fully implemented statewide for the 2020-2021 school year which also means the new science assessments should be in place in the Spring of 2021 for grades 4 and up. Based on what we learned with the 6-8th grade SEEd Standards implementation, the sooner teachers and schools start the transition to new standards the better the outcome is for students.

To help give an idea on what your LEA’s K-5 and High School rollout of standards could look like we have provided the following information:
- Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes can start fully or partially implementing new SEEd standards starting next school year (2019-20) because there is no assigned end of year state test.
- Grade 4 to 5 classes can start to implement any parts of the new SEEd standards that align to the current science content because the student RISE test in the Spring of 2020 will be aligned to the current science standards content. Teachers can also using the Science and Engineering Practices and the Crosscutting Concepts found in the new SEEd standards for the 2019-20 school year as these will improve students’ science literacy.
- High School Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics classes can start fully or partially implementing new SEEd Standards next school year (2019-20) because the focus of the Utah Aspire Plus is on science practices and reasoning which is a main focus of the new SEEd Standards.

Following the adoption of the new K-5 and High School SEEd Standards the staff of Utah State Board of Education plan to work with LEAs, Schools, and Teachers to develop resources, professional learning experiences, and materials that will help all teachers as we move to fully implementing new State SEEd Standards.

We hope this information gives you some clarity around the current status of the standards and what to expect moving forward. We will know for certain on standards approval after Board meeting on June 6th so you can expect another update after that.

If you have any questions, please let Ricky Scott know at Richard.scott at schools.utah.gov

Thank you! Happy Friday!

Jennifer Throndsen
Director of Teaching and Learning
Utah State Board of Education
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